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Safety and Risk Series: Preventing Workplace Violence

2021 Safety & Risk Summit: Preventing Workplace Violence

In the fourth Safety and Risk Series webinar, Parker, Smith & Feek was joined by a variety of experts who shared their insights on mental health, workplace violence prevention, and the safety net of new insurance policies for active shooter incidents. Learn how to recognize warning signs and respond to a workplace violence event. The group answered the following questions:

  • What signs can I be on the lookout for with my workforce to avoid a workplace violence situation?
  • What programs and assistance can an employer provide to these individuals?
  • If a situation unfolds at the workplace, what basic training can we provide our workforce?
  • If the worst-case situation occurs, what liability do we have as an employer?
  • What new insurance policies are available and how do they respond to different situations in the workplace?

A recording of the presentation, along with downloadable copies of the materials, are available below.

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