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Webinar Presentations

Safety & Risk Summit Webinar Series: COVID-19 LEGAL AND BENEFITS UPDATE

PS&F Safety and Risk Summit: COVID-19 Legal and Benefits Update

Our second Parker, Smith & Feek Safety and Risk Series webinar provided an expert update on vaccination and mask mandates, benefits surcharges, and booster vaccinations.

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Safety & Risk Summit Webinar Series: CYBER SAFETY BEST PRACTICES

In Parker, Smith & Feek’s first Safety and Risk Series webinar, our cyber experts shared tips and tricks on training your workforce and keeping your network safe, shed light on data governance and reducing ransomware risk, and answered questions.

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Answering Your Questions About Insurance Captives 

Webinar: Answering Your Questions About Insurance Captives

Due to the rising cost of traditional insurance policies, businesses are looking to captives as an alternative risk management strategy. In this webinar, our panel of experts address some of the most asked questions around insurance captives.

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WHA Webinar: Navigating Coronavirus Claims and Your Policy

Navigating coronavirus claims and your policy

Today we see rising prices in our business insurance markets. Many businesses are frustrated that coronavirus is not covered through business interruption.

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2021 Annual Employee Benefits Update

2021 Annual Employee Benefits Update Webinar

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) includes significant employee benefits-related provisions, including a federal subsidy of COBRA premiums. Beginning April 1st, the ARPA COBRA subsidy will cover 100% of the cost of COBRA continuation coverage for up to six months for certain individuals who have had an involuntary termination of employment or reduction in hours.

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Washington State Long-Term Care Act Update

Long-Term Care Act Update Webinar

As Washington’s new Long-Term Care Act is finalized, employers should be thinking now about how they will respond to this new tax on employees.

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COVID-19 Workforce Vaccination: Part 2

Part 2: COVID-19 Workforce Vaccination Webinar

In part two of our series, our panel, including scientist Dr. April Randhawa from Fred Hutch, attorney Kathy Feldman from Karr Tuttle and benefits compliance expert, Bob Radecki shed light on COVID-19 questions.

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COVID-19 Workforce Vaccination

During this webinar our panel of experts of legal and public health experts shed light on the topic and answered some of your questions.

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Benefits in 2020: Mental Health Wellness

We are nine months into the pandemic and mental health and wellness have never been more important. As if 2020 were not stressful enough, now we are headed into the holidays, always a time of increased stress and mental health challenges for employees.

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Answering Your Questions: What to Do About Racism in the Workplace

In part two of our series on Racism in the workplace you will have the opportunity to submit questions to our panel of experts on what actions you can take to address racism in recruiting, interviewing, and career development within your organization.

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